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Here at RMS we are always trying to make things better. Our racing friends are always asking for more information about rotors. This led us to design the new RMS Pro. 

The RMS Pro not only measures the rotors north(+) and south(-) peaks but with its three sensors will also measure the whole surface area of the rotor. The RMS Pro takes human error out of the equation by spinning the rotor 360 degrees by itself in 1.8 degree increments. It performs over 200 computations to provide the most comprehensive rotor measurement tool to date. 

Just follow the on screen directions to zero the sensors. Then put the rotor in the cradle. After the rotor is done measuring the results provided are as follows:

  1. The north(+) and south(-) peak sensor readings.
  2. The north(+) and south(-) top 10 average of all the sensor readings.
  3. The rotor surface counts both north(+) and south(-) poles displayed as a percent and total counts of each.( Zero readings are not counted)
  4. The overall rotor strength both north(+) and south(-) displayed as an average and percent.

 All this information is a lot to keep track of so the RMS Pro comes with a BT printer for printing the results and storing them with the rotor.


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