RMS Brushless Dyno
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Well after many proto-types, the RMS Brushless Motor Dyno is now finally ready. Here is a short video showing the features.  System has been designed for Spec Motors 13.5 max. There is a waiting list and for those on the list I'll be in contact soon. If you want on the list let me know. Thanks 

Dyno comes complete with Carring case, 4 poll rock crawer motor as the load brake, 60 Amp Meanwell 5V power supply (set to 4.22V), blue tooth printer and Hobbywing brake and test ESC. Set the Dyno up, add the test motor and you are ready to go!

Dyno Modes

The RMS Dyno has two modes of operation, Step Mode and Race Mode. Step mode will load the motor up to six steps. Race mode will load the motor at Step1 and hold it there for 4 minutes. Data for each mode is logged and can be viewed by pressing the Dyno Run Results button. To switch the modes press the Mode button on the home screen.

Dyno Load Set Points

The RMS Dyno will load the slave motor at up to six Amp load set points. Press the Dyno Run SP button to adjust the Amp set point load settings. Six are available, if a zero is selected that step will be skipped.


Place the test motor into the users motor holder, align the slave motors shaft with the brake motors coupler. Tighten the coupler,  tighten the test motor holder thumb screw, solder wires to test motor, connect the sensor wire. Now you are ready to test. The User is in control of the test motors throttle, this is done by a thumb knob near the test motor. Slowly turn the throttle knob toward the right until full throttle is reached, carefully listening and checking that everything is spinning smoothly with no vibration. Once the test motor is at full throttle, press the start button on the base unit. The RMS Dyno will then start to load the test motor. The Dyno shows live data while testing. At the end of the test, turn thumb knob left to stop the test motor. Review the Dyno Run Results by pressing that button. To print press print button.

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RMS Brushless Dyno

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