Motor Measurement System Complete

Then MMS Complete can measure the Stator's mili-Ohms, the magnetic strength of the rotor, and when connected to your car the RPM and Current draw of the motor.

Inside the rugged storage case you will find:

1) Base Control Unit
2) Rotor Measurement Attachment
3) Motor Measurement Attachment
4) Attachment Connection Cable
5) Power Leads for Motor Attachment
6) RPM Measurement Leads
7) Current Measurement Leads

The Motor Measurement System "Complete" can measure all aspects of your brushless motor!


** Stator measurement range 0-99.9 mOhms 

*Revision 2.2 has added rotor peak measurement dection.

*Revision 2.3 has added RPM reading start setpoint adjustment from 0.5-2.0 Amps

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Motor Measurement System Complete

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